Protect Our Children from Toxic Pesticides Newsletter, April/May 2017
Community Monitoring Shows Pattern Of Labour Violations In Southeast Asia Plantations

Crucial concern from the findings was how the use of HHPs in the plantations have been affecting the people living nearby it especially the children.There was a case of a healthy three-year old child who has become mentally ill upon being exposed to the pesticide drift as a result of the aerial spraying in a banana plantation in Mindanao.

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News,Videos and Articles: Impact of Pesticides on Children

Chemical Leak In New Delhi Strengthens The Need For Pesticide-Free Buffer Zones

The New Delhi chemical leak that largely affected students in two different schools and residents in southeast Delhi’s Tughlakabad area is another horrifying reminder for an urgent and immediate establishment of buffer zones around schools to protect the most vulnerable populace – children.

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Three Children Dead In Suspected Pesticide Poisoning‚ Say Western Cape Police

Emergency Medical Services were called to a home in the Weltervreden area on Monday afternoon to transport one patient to a local hospital‚ but upon arrival found six additional patients suffering from the same symptoms.



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Exposure To Heavy Pesticide Use Can Impact Neurobehavioural Performance in Children

Researchers from the University of California San Diego, in collaboration with scientists from Ecuador and Minnesota, have found that exposure to heavy pesticide use during peak periods can impact neurobehavioral performance in children.

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Cash And Chemicals: For Laos, Chinese Banana Boom A Blessing And Curse

Hmong and Khmu workers douse the growing plants with pesticides and kill weeds with herbicides such as paraquat. Paraquat is banned by the European Union and other countries including Laos, and it has been phased out in China.

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PANAP’s Sarojeni Rengam Clinches Award For Championing Women’s Struggle Against Toxic Pesticides

"It has been my privilege to contribute in the struggle of women through our work at PANAP. In our little way, we help build the capacity of women to monitor the impact of pesticides on health and the environment through what we call community pesticide action monitoring or CPAM," - Sarojeni Rengam.



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Your Son May Experience Early Sexual Maturity If He’s Exposed To This Chemical


New research has linked exposure to a frequently used group of pesticides called pyrethroids — also found in domestic products like mosquito sprays and head lice shampoos – with the early onset of puberty in boys.

The study was presented at the Endocrine Society’s 99th annual meeting in April, in Florida, US.


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Urge the state governments to institute pesticide-free buffer zones around schools

Schools are meant to be safe sanctuaries for children to learn and grow but terrifyingly children in Asia are consistently being poisoned in these supposedly safe learning environments.

You can help bring about change by supporting the call for pesticide-free buffer zones around schools.

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Children fight back agrochem giant Geshuri for violating rights.

The Israeli company Geshuri Complex, suspected to manufacture toxic pesticides, is close to universities and schools serving 11,000 Palestinian students.

In an ongoing effort to take collective action in defending their rights, the students of Fatima Al-Zahra’ School have initiated an online petition.They demand the EU ban imports from the Geshuri Complex.

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Editors: Deeppa Ravindran, Coordinator, Pesticide Programme, PANAP (,

Sathesh Raj, Information & Communications Officer, Pesticide Programme, PANAP ( 

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