Protect Our Children from Toxic Pesticides Newsletter, July 2016
50 scientists, health professionals and advocates called for urgent action to protect children from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals like pesticides
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News,Video's and Articles: Impact of Pesticides on Children

Teen researchers studying pesticide exposure in other teens

Local high school students are helping researchers learn more about pesticide exposure. Specifically, how a Latina teen’s development could be at risk later in life.Some 100 Latina teens between the ages of 14 and 16 are wearing silicone bracelets for seven days. They are also wearing GPS devices to see how close they get to ag fields. Their homes are tested for pesticides and they submit urine samples as well.

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Indian bill allowing children to work for their families attacked by activists

Indian activists have criticised a bill that bans the employment of children under 14 in more than a dozen occupations, but allows them to work for their family businesses, saying the legislation justified child labour.During the debate in parliament, questions were also raised about exposing children to pesticides used in farming or other hazards in home-based business like carpet-weaving, bangle-making and rolling beedis Photo: Mamidipudi Venkatarangaiya Foundation

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Californians stage rally demanding protections from harmful crop chemicals, including one-mile buffer zones around schools and daycares

A group of residents from California's most heavily farmed regions, has staged a rally in Sacramento, the state capital, demanding protection for children from pesticides. 

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California high school implements advanced warning system to protect students from pesticide drift

The Kern High School District has announced that it will implement an advance notification system that will alert schools close to farms to let them know when pesticides will be applied.

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A Child’s Cry: Stop Poisoning Palestine’s Schools

Elementary students at Fatima Al-Zahra’ school are falling ill with respiratory diseases, poisoned with toxic chemicals from Israel’s pesticide factories located nearby. But now we have a unique opportunity to get the European Union to act, shut this dirty factory, and save our children.

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Join PAN International's call to ban HHPs!

Decades of experience has shown that, despite numerous “safe use” programmes, the safe use of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) is not possible. Petition calls on governments and corporations to take concrete steps towards a phase-out and ban of HHPs, to be replaced with safe, sustainable and ecological alternative methods of pest control.

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Editor: Deeppa Ravindran, PANAP's Pesticide Programme Coordinator 

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