Protect Our Children from Toxic Pesticides Newsletter, Aug 2016
Dozens of children poisoned by cockroach baits and ant killer

Queensland research has found almost 40 per cent of insecticide-related calls to a poisons hotline were from parents asking about young children affected by cockroach baits or ant liquid.

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News,Video's and Articles: Impact of Pesticides on Children

Prenatal Residential Proximity to Agricultural Pesticide Use and IQ in 7-Year-Old Children

The study, titled Prenatal Residential Proximity to Agricultural Pesticide Use and IQ in 7-Year-Old Children, looks at 283 women and children from the agricultural Salinas Valley who are enrolled in the long-term Center for the Health of Mothers and Children in Salinas (CHAMACOS) study. Specifically, researchers looked at pregnant women living within one kilometer of agricultural fields where organophosphate pesticides were used.

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Cambodia: Banned Pesticide Found in Water

The poisonous chemical was detected after an eight-month investigation in 2015 into the deaths of several vulnerable and critically endangered species – like the large-spotted civet and slender-billed vulture – whose carcasses were found by forest rangers near waterholes in Preah Vihear and Stung Treng’s Siem Pang district.

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In 20 Years Since Landmark Law, Pesticides In Baby Food Drop Dramatically

On Aug. 3, 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the Food Quality Protection Act, a landmark law that required the EPA to show that all exposures to pesticides in food were safe for infants and children. In the 20 years since its passage, the EPA has banned or reduced the use of many of the most harmful pesticides, and federal testing confirms that amounts of pesticide residue in baby food have dramatically decreased.

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4 children sick with herbicide poisoning

SHANGHAI Children’s Medical Center yesterday said four children between the ages of 2 and 9 years were hospitalized for herbicide poisoning.

All the four children suffered from poisoning of paraquat, a highly toxic chemical with over 90 percent of fatality rate if it is taken orally.

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A Child’s Cry: Stop Poisoning Palestine’s Schools

Elementary students at Fatima Al-Zahra’ school are falling ill with respiratory diseases, poisoned with toxic chemicals from Israel’s pesticide factories located nearby. But now we have a unique opportunity to get the European Union to act, shut this dirty factory, and save our children.

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Join PAN International's call to ban HHPs!

Decades of experience has shown that, despite numerous “safe use” programmes, the safe use of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) is not possible. Petition calls on governments and corporations to take concrete steps towards a phase-out and ban of HHPs, to be replaced with safe, sustainable and ecological alternative methods of pest control.

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Editor: Deeppa Ravindran, PANAP's Pesticide Programme Coordinator 

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